Behind every champion fighter is a great trainer. If you’re an aspiring amateur or professional fighter, you need a trainer who can teach and inspire you. Seko Tongola is a veteran professional kickboxer and cage fighter who has been coaching boxers, kickboxers and MMA fighters in the Twin Cities area for more than seven years. Seko’s infectious energy and challenging workouts will keep you on your toes.

Get in the Ring with an Experienced Minneapolis Boxing Coach

Lasting through several rounds in the ring takes endurance. Dodging your opponent’s strikes and landing your own punches takes speed. Winning a fight takes strategy. Sticking it out even when your opponent has you against the ropes takes strength. As an experienced fighter and trainer, Seko knows what it takes to be a winner. Seko’s personalized workout program can help you improve your speed, strength and endurance. You can also benefit from his experience as he teaches you effective fighting strategies. Most importantly, he will provide guidance and support before, during and after your fight.