Working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to get in shape. However, too many personal trainers do not account for their clients’ goals, skill and fitness levels. Seko Tongola is a firm believer in individualized training tailored specifically for you – he will create a personal training program that is designed to accommodate your fitness level and achieve your goals.

A Minneapolis-based Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach in Your Corner

Seko offers a broad range of personal training programs, including:

  • Weight Loss: Seko can help you set and achieve realistic goals for losing weight. As a wellness coach, he can offer easy-to-follow tips for healthy eating, and more importantly, help get you motivated to do the hard work of losing weight. Because enjoying your workout is essential for slimming down, Seko will help you fall in love with your training.
  • Conditioning/Toning: Improve your muscle tone and overall health with Seko’s conditioning program. Seko will design a program specifically for you and your goals.  Everyone is different, and a program tailored to you is vital in achieving your needs.  Seko will provide to you!
  • Formula Fitness Training: Formula Fitness Training combines Plyometrics, striking, condition drills, strength and core training to give you a comprehensive, energizing workout.  If you want to make the most of your time training, this is the way to go!  Your body will feel it the next day, reminding you of your victory!
  • Boxing/Kickboxing: Seko has worked with many aspiring amateur fighters, preparing them for success in the ring.  If this is your goal, Seko is one to get you there!  Contact him today for a discussion of you where you want to be!

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